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Frogs getting frisky, Foxes and Owls in Lockdown3.0

Could we possibly be finally turning a corner? Is the finishing straight in sight? Are science, rationality and vaccines finally allowing Boris to lumber towards us with the keys to set us free?

All good questions and frankly I truly hope the answer is a resounding "YES" in all cases!

In the meantime, I thought a quick update on my efforts to keep myself (photographically) occupied might be in order?

Regular readers will recognise that late Feb / early March means a (not so) hostile takeover of our two garden ponds by hosts of Frogs returning to their place of birth, to continue the line.

It's not exactly the majestic Atlantic Salmon crossing Oceans, battling their way heroically upstream to mate and die in a blaze of fishy glory, but it's still an impressive sight nonetheless!

The familiar comedic SAS style belly crawl to the pond edge in saddo camo' gear, is the cause of much merriment for the other inmates at Harris Acres! Dignity in tatters and aches and pains galore there may be, but it's is a price worth paying for a Frog's eye view of proceedings.

There must have been well over a hundred Frogs cavorting with immense enthusiasm for nearly 4 days, happily coinciding with a warm and relatively sunny weekend this year.

'Doing what comes naturally'

"I'm a Frog on the edge" (Shrek fans will get that that one!)

My other photographic distraction project, is to improve my shots of wildlife-at-home-at-night. A small investment in some new kit, a wing and a prayer, perhaps even a quick read of the instruction manuals (who knew!) and I was managing a few shots of our regular Foxy visitors. There are a pair who visit most nights, usually separately, but sometimes together (THAT's the target shot!).

Rural Foxes are famously more sensitive than their more boisterous urban cousins, so its a real privilege to share our space with them.

'Fox contemplation'

"Where's my snacks?"

"I'm fierce really"

Lots more to learn and some other interesting night time photography techniques in trial stages too, (more about that next time), but pleased to be making progress at least.

Finally (for now); by some wonderful miracle I've managed to find a VERY local spot with what looked like perfect Owl feeding territory. Wellies on and happy that I was within the rules to do so, I took my daily exercise with a leisurely stroll around the isolated and very socially distanced location, more in hope of a little solitary peace and quiet than in any expectation of a sighting.

Still .... no harm in having the camera over my shoulder just in case and would you believe it, my hunch proved correct and just as the sun began to set below the horizon, I was joined by two beautiful Barn Owls quartering the fields in search of their Supper.


'Close view'

'Hovering for the kill'

'Ghostly glide'

So there you are, updates from Harris Acres and the very nearby, complete.

Perhaps my next Blog will feature a hugely exotic wildlife experience with the return to some kind of normality in late Spring, or perhaps I'll have to be content with the wildlife visitors that are actually or practically, under my nose.

Either way, here's hoping you are all well and looking forward to life on parole when it comes!


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