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Whilst the real pleasure is getting up close and personal with WILDlife at Home and in far flung places around the world, it's also fun to enter some of your favourite shots in competitions with other photographers. I'm proud of the occasional recognition that my work has received: here's a few shots that have done quite well, sometimes in extremely exalted company.

British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA)

Pheasant for website.jpg

Featured in book of the competition

My first really big piece of recognition, came with the news that my shortlisted entry to one of the largest UK wildlife photography competitions was to be included in the book published each year to celebrate category winners and other admired works. Whilst gaining entry in the latter rather than the former category, it was the first time that I saw my work standing shoulder to with some of the very best photographers work. What a thrill!

British Photography Awards 2018

Little Owl at Nature Photography Hides.j

Shortlisted finalist

Further recognition came in 2018, when my shot of this charismatic Little Owl, was shortlisted by some distinguished judges and alongside some huge photography names.

British Photography Awards 2021


Shortlisted finalist

Absolutely thrilled to be a shortlisted finalist in the 2021 BPA competition, alongside some world famous wildlife photographers. My shot of a female Leopard carrying her kill towards her cache tree for her cubs, was taken from a sequence that represented probably the best wildlife experience of my life, the story of which can be found on the blog pages of this website.

TOP 25 of all global pictures Flickr 2019


One of the Top 25 global pics

Flickr is a popular photo sharing platform used by photographers of all kinds, across the world. This photo of a Kingfisher exploding from the icy water on a cold January day was seen over 230k times and was amongst the Top 25 most 'popular' pics in 2019.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Sea Otter CWPA 18.jpg

Shortlisted finalist 2019

A wonderful Vegas to SF road trip via the west coast, allowed for amazing close up views of rare Sea Otters in Monterey Bay. This pair looked like they were having a tickle fight, so I entered the shot in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards competition, which was set up to provide funds for global wildlife conservation. My shortlisted finalist picture made its way into that year's book of the competition , featured on TV programmes in every corner of the world and will be available as a greetings card for Christmas 2020!

BBC Springwatch


featured on BBC Springwatch social feeds

Awards & Recognition: Features

More recognition for wildlife photography taken at home came in 2020 when the social media team at BBC Springwatch team used my photo of a frog in our garden pond as the cover pic for their story on garden ponds, with tens of thousands of clicks, likes etc on Facebook and Instagram turning 'Frog at Harris Acres' into a social media star

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