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24 hrs of May Madness - hosting an incredible Client Workshop

Here we go again - another fabulous 24 hr Workshop hosted at Tom Robinson's amazing Pond Hide, near Bourne in Lincolnshire.

I was joined by Mark and Colin and we arrived late in the afternoon to set up for the nighttime shoot, hoping for Tawny Owls and perhaps a rare sight of Herons or even Otter, hunting the dark hours.

Little did we know that we had bought barely enough memory cards to cope with the hundreds of WILDlife visits we were to witness - giving little or no time for sleep and providing more excitement than it seemed possible to experience!

May is an especially great time to view wildlife in the UK & Ireland. The frantic rush to complete the rituals of courtship, the challenge of finding a mate, mating and rearing young is something that all species share.

My experience is that the focus required for this task, coupled with some careful and respectful WILDlife viewing set ups, makes for no better time to watch nature and if you're lucky, catch the action with a photograph.

I host my WILDlife Photography Experience Workshops at Tom's place, because the effort put into establishing a natural environment, a dedication to wildlife welfare and conversation and outstandingly comfortable hide set-ups, give my Clients the very best chance to get great shots and develop skills and experience for the future.

Oh boy did Mark and Colin fill their boots or what ?? Check out some of their shots below (c Mark Williams and Colin Stone)

Mark and Colin should be rightly proud of their capture of the stunning wildlife we saw at Tom's amazing hide.

The hide is set up to ensure that wildlife is safe and secure and more importantly, unaffected by human disturbances they go about their business.

Those very humans, enjoy unparalleled comfort (in my experience) and facilities that are tailored to wildlife photographers. Camera portals are at water level and equipped with stands for gimbal heads, bean bags and everything you could need to make the best of the opportunity to take great photos.

I managed a few shots of my own and couldn't be happier with the results ....

I will be going back to Tom's soon (not least to give the Otter family ANOTHER chance to show for me!!) and I expect the next session to be just as fruitful as this one.

If you would like to join me for a WILDlife Photography Experience, never to be forgotten, then send me a note via this website's 'Get in touch' button on the Home page, or directly at

By the way ... this also makes a great gift for someone who has always wanted to take pro-level photos, but perhaps would benefit from some support sitting right next to them (that will be me then!), whilst they try.

In a hurry ? ... you can send me a text or call on 07778998473 - it would be great to hear from you!

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