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eBook - Calling the WILDerness - free to download

This is my third book capturing a years experience of engaging with WILDlife at home and in far flung corners of the world.

You are welcome to use the link at the top of this post, to access the Blurb website which is home to the eBook and a choice of formats to suit whichever device platform you use.

The eBook is free - (strictly not for resale), however you are welcome to share with friends, family and wildlife photography enthusiasts alike on the same basis.

I find its great fun collecting memorable experiences out in the WILD places each year and producing a way of reconnecting with those moments to turn to from time to time when in need of a reminder of how amazing the natural world can be.

It's also been interesting to track my photography efforts, from rudimentary 'point and shoot' beginnings to something approaching competence and (very occasionally) award winning levels.

The fun has been in the learning experience, helped by so many kind people out in the field, who have been so generous with the time and knowledge.

What a pleasure then, to be able to help others experience the joy of a connection with the WILD world and support them to take great photographic memories with my WILDlife Photography Experience products, featured elsewhere on this website and on my new FB page

I hope you enjoy the book and would love to hear from you if you would like to join me out in the WILDerness.

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