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Welcome to my website

The WILD world is out there, waiting to be discovered by those are looking for inspiration, a moments peace or simply a re-connection with something real that sits outside our hectic daily lives. This website is a place for me to share my experience of rediscovering the WILD world and also to celebrate the wonderful things to be found there. It's also perhaps a place for you to find some help if you are looking to find the best places to see WILDlife, or even to learn how to capture what you find through photography.

Check out my blog page to get a sense of what the WILD world has to offer.

You can book some non-techie, no-nonsense, easily-accessible 1-2-1 Photography coaching on the Book On-line page too, whether you're a complete beginner, or an enthusiast looking to improve.

Thanks for visiting this site and I look forward to meeting you in person, especially if you want to share some great times in the WILD world soon.

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An unlikely outcome from an unusual situation. 

A year long contractually enforced break, between one job and the next, was brought to life by the joy of learning a new skill.

My lifelong interest in wildlife, previously lived predominately vicariously through the medium of David Attenborough's TV programmes, exploded into life by actually 'getting out there' in the WILD and clumsily taking some photographs with a proper DSLR. That first camera however, was bought in a triumph of optimism v the reality of my of complete lack of technical expertise!

This website is a celebration of the remarkable things that can be achieved with some passion for the subject and plenty of perseverance, practice and patience. It's intended to be both a place for me to record and for you to follow my on-going efforts. It might also be a place for me to connect with anyone looking to make a start on a similar journey, if they are looking for some help to do so.

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I'd love to hear from you!
Any comments, ideas, thoughts, enquiries ... are all most welcome.
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